mi mi mi!

20 things about me. Actually, 25 things to appease those who have not yet read this.

1. I tried to have short hair in my youth but after being confused for a boy on several occasions, I resolved to keep my hair long. I usually had it all the same length except one time when I ran a "Speed Buggy" over my head, got the hair tangled up in it, and ended up with bangs and another time when I tried to use a spiky curling iron on my hair, got the hair tangled up and burned in it, and ended up with bangs. Now, I'm just used to it. Unfortunately, that hasn't made the mistaken assumption about my gender stop - at least when it comes to the online world.

2. The most amazing things I've seen in my life include the synchronicity of a bajillion prayer-goers at Mecca during Hajj (it's like a choreographic dream), the vastness of the Grand Canyon, and the birth of me wee ones.

3. After reading "The Princess Bride," I became obsessed with William Goldman and read everything he had ever written, even an instructional book on how to write screenplays.

4. I used to look down on people who cursed freely and frequently because it indicated to me a lack of imagination and an attempt to sound cool. However, there are times when certain words or even entire phrases go through my head - when someone bites me and draws blood, when someone punches me in the bosom, when someone cuts me off in traffic. One of the more creative invectives I have heard was from the movie "Citizen Ruth." Classic.

5. I used to hate baths. When my mother would send me upstairs to take a bath, I'd run the water in the tub and sit at the edge and read a book for what I thought would be the equivalent time it would take to clean up. I think the stink lines that emanated from my body tipped my mother off.

6. I once walked from the bridge connecting Cairo to the island of Zamalek after spending several hours in the claustrophobic museum through the hottest part of the day under a brutal sun because LB argued with the taxi driver over a few cents and forced us to get out and hoof it back to her dorm.

7. I have visited nearly 30 countries. The only country in which I was not, at least once, mistaken for a native was in China.

8. I have a blog. I have had one for five years now. I considered dumping it time and time again, but always seem to keep it alive nonetheless. Sometimes I read other people's blogs to educate myself. Sometimes to laugh. And sometimes to get annoyed or mad. Deliberately. I can't stand the author or the writing or the subject matter but I just keep visiting it because I'm in the mood to be put out. I believe the correct term is "maddy waddy."

9. I have eclectic tastes. In books (the bookshelf sports classic literature next to the trashiest romance pulp next to graphic novels next to hip, irreverent fiction), in music, movies (I'll be just as likely to see a foreign film as I will a sci-fi film or a Desi fillum or a stupid comedy or a brilliant documentary or an animated film), etc.

10. I envy my sister's gift of organization and creativity.

11. When I was in college, I stopped wearing a wrist-watch. I used to have a pocket watch that hung from my neck by a leather strip. In law school, I had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle watch that, when flipped open, would say, "It's pizza time" or "Cowabunga, dude" (I can't remember which). I have a Rolex that I wore for a while but now it's sitting in a box while my cell phone does double duty.

12. I will always prefer being hot over being cold. If not for the mosquitoes, I could have it be summer almost all year long.

13. When I got my first video game console (Atari), I played Space Invaders so much that I developed a blister on my thumb from clutching the joystick so tightly with my sweaty little hands.

14. I watch TV with the closed captioning on and DVDs with the subtitles on because I don't want to miss a thing. It all started after 9/11 when the constant roar of helicopters above and police sirens below prevented me from hearing anything.

15. [cribbed from upyernoz] When I was growing up, my parents made me take all kinds of lessons. I took tennis lessons, swimming lessons, piano and flute lessons, ice skating lessons, ski lessons, golf lessons, cooking lessons, sewing lessons, painting lessons (the last three from my mother). I never became a good tennis player, swimmer, flute player, ice skater, skier or artist, but I did learn how to have a whole bunch of disparate hobbies and to do them all half-assed.

16. As athletic and fit as I used to be, I hated to run unless it was towards something (a base, a ball, a goal) or away from something (another person, a bee, my sister). Now, I just hate exercise all around.

17. I have met Mohammed Ali and he has been to my house.

18. When I was in high school, one of my best friends got me hooked on "Days of Our Lives" to the extent that I'd tape it so I could watch it when I got home from school. Now, I can't stand more than a minute of it and I can't even see what I found so compelling about it.

19. When I was in high school, another one of my best friends and I used to listen to Dr. Demento followed by Dr. Ruth on the radio on Sunday nights and discuss what we learned during study hall the next day.

20. Death only scares me in that I worry what will happen to my husband and kids without me to boss them around and take care of them.

(for those of you non-facey types)

21. I know "The Lord's Prayer" by heart because I attended Catholic school for three years.

22. I have had to get my fingerprints taken so many times now that I've lost count. The most recent time was a few weeks ago. You'd think with all the CSI-type techmology out there, they'd already have copies or access to a database that has my prints already.

23. When I concentrated really hard on something, I had a tendency to bite my lips (I've now since stopped that habit) or chew the inside of my cheeks (working on it). Upon reading the final book in the Dark Tower cycle by Stephen King, I think I may have been close to biting my way right through.

24. I have low blood pressure. In my youth, if I got up too quickly, I would often get dizzy and, on occasion, faint. One time, I fainted in a bathroom in college and the floor was filthy and disgusting but felt so cool to my cheek that I just lay there for a while. One time, I was praying during Hajj and I fell right smack down on my face and the impact forced my glasses to busticate my nose. One time, I had just had an appendectomy and I had to use the restroom and as I was fainting and sliding down the pole that held my IV, the nurse right outside my door saw me and helped me back to the bed.

25. I never thought I'd see the day when the President of the United States and I share a name.


Karl said...

You were mistaken for a native in Iceland?

baj said...

a guy at the airport asked me if i was visiting my family so i'll just count that as a yes. ;)

wayfarer said...

i love these list posts of yours. :-)

re #14. I'm so at a loss on that. Sometimes i want the words on so i won't miss a word but then i get so caught up with the words that i can't focus on the picture. It's a constant battle. I wish i could focus enough to have the words there and only look at them when i need to but my eyes just go there no matter what. Grrr. It would be particularly nice these days.

baj said...

oh man, i can't tell you the number of shows i've watched in mute b/c it's 3am and i'm feeding the baby and don't want to wake everyone but i need some light and/or entertainment so i turn on the tv on mute and watch the umpteenth episode of 'roseanne' or 'the fresh prince of bel air' with the closed captioning on.

Owl said...

I am also a holder of a range of near-talents, none of which I've bothered to really polish. Also, I forget I can do them till someone reminds me.

And I in theory, feel the same way about cursing. It's a cop out. I know better ways of expressing emotion. But DUDE, last week in softball practice, I got hit on the hip bone with the ball and heard "F---!" come out of my own mouth. HAW HAI! SHAMESHAME! I was so shocked!

And isn't orthostatic hypertension EVER so annoying? You stand up and oooooooh does the world get dark and blurry. Makes people think you're sick when you're not. *shakes fist at low blood pressure*

Also, you are the awesomeness. And I so relate to SO many of these. And I think you SHOULD come to visit Dubai. Or maybe you should let me be your basement troll. That would be nice. :D

baj said...

owlieboots, you are always welcome to troll our basement or even the upper floors! i'd love to come visit but ye olde ball and chain and wee padlock and tiny anchor make traveling difficult these days. and haw hai on dropping f-bombs! i'm totally going to perpetuate the story that there is a constant stream of profanity coming out of your mouth at any given time. heh.

Jacob Patrick said...

This "25 Things" thing is everywhere. I'll have to do one soon.

I watch movies with the subtitles on too. And for some reason when I'm watching a British movie, or a movie with Scottish or Irish people, I feel like I'm teaching them a lesson by using the subtitles. As though I'm communicating, "If you insist on using that unintelligible accent, then you force me to read your dialogue instead. Take THAT!" I can't explain why I feel this way.

baji said...

tell me when yours is up!

if there is any UK show that demands subtitles, it's the glorious 'still game' - http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%22still+game%22&search_type=

knicq said...

25, and kept them all interesting. I had to endure such agony getting 16 up. Its such a shame. I am self professed Narcissist. I ought to be able to do a 100, and at least find them interesting myself. Sigh!

As for subtitles, back in Pakistan you got these movies from Pulse Global that came with Urdu subtitles, and I used to have them on just for laughs. You can't help but die laughing when 'you effing a******' is translated as 'Tum gande aadmi'! Or soemthing like that. The downside was I would often lose track of what was actually being said!

Coming to UAE, I relied on Arabic subtitles to see if I could predict what the next line was - since the subtitles often appeared a few seconds before the actual dialogue. It helped improve my Arabic... so much so that I have sat through and enjoyed complete movies at Food Courts in Malls - the noisiest places in Dubai, just reading the subtitles.

baji said...

kn - thx for the visit! your 16 was quite interesting and entertaining, fear not. also, i can only assume that most of the curse words coming out of owl's mouth would have to be translated into 'tum gande aadmi' too. MAN, that girl can swear! i tested my urdu/hindi mettle with the subtitles for the movie 'slumdog millionaire' and didn't do half bad.