if it's got monkeys, it's gotta be good

This website, 1000000monkeys.com, reminds me of one of my first forays into the blog world when I tentatively threw my hat into Abez's ring of story-telling in which various commenters added to, enhanced, and fleshed out the introduction of a tale.  I seem to recall that my entries were quite silly and possibly violent but I can't link to it because Abez is on haitus!  It also kind of reminds me of a rap battle between Chai and 2 Scoops and me about who was a champion swinger (the innocent kind, not the lurid kind) all held within the comment section of Yasminay's blog, but again, I cannae find it!  So.  Erm.  Nevermind.  Go have fun with 1,000,000 monkeys.

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