One of my Favorite Bandarikja

Top Five Reasons Why I Love Visits From Gojira:

5. She joins in with loudly clapping and lustily singing "Berries and Cream" while TP is on an important phone call with a professor from Georgetown.

4. She doesn't mind reading alone on the couch while TP, ZP, LB, and I take naps in the middle of the afternoon.

3. Get to recommend literature, reminisce about past travel adventures, and discuss celebrity plastic surgery in one conversation.

2. She makes an excellent nanny/playmate for ZP.

1. Get to talk in a Scottish accent morning, noon, and night without pause and without thinking.


lil baji said...

I would like to include my Top Five Reasons Why I Love Visits From Gojira:

5) she eats just as much as I do so I never feel guilty
4) she believes strongly in butter and demonstrates that belief
3) she likes my opera version of various songs
2) she encourages my napping practices
1) she doesn't get sick of asking, or being asked, "what is dees? is this rice?" in a kazaski accent.

Gojira said...

and zees is paper?

baj said...

tell you what - why don't i film you singing the theme song to 'golden girls' opera-style and put it up on youtube for the voters to decide.

Gojira said...

Top Five Reasons Why I Love Visiting Baji and Lil Baji:

5. Because they are Baji and Lil Baji; hear them roar.
4. Because being half-starved to death by Lil Baji for brunch makes you appreciate dinner more.
3. DAEWOO!!!
2. Berries. And also: cream.
1. And of course, the almighty ZEEP, Master of the Bajiverse.

lil baji said...


Also, Zoozoo told me DAEWOO today on the phone.

Abez said...

Lol, you guys are nuts, and that Berries and Cream thing has to be the WEIRDEST commercial I've ever seen- is it part of a series? Am I missing something here?

baj said...

goj & lb - i don't recall saying i was full. also, daewoo says hi.

abz - you are not missing anything; rather, we are missing something, i.e., our brains. if that commercial is part of a series though, i'm going to get the box set!

Crazed Teacher said...

hey baji hows u and hows life going love to baby zp