Tix Mix

LB and KG have arrived safely in Paris and are staying with *my* friend (LB stole her from me).

In two weeks, Gojira will be stomping into town to stay with *us* (I stole her from LB).

In one month, ZP's grandparents, uncles, and aunties will be arriving to celebrate His Royal High(chair)ness's First Birthday.

In three months, we'll be heading down to steamy hot Georgia to make Literaunty's brand spankin' new house get that really old lived-in look by demolishing it.

In six months, we'll be embarking on a HUGE trip to Isloo with Cybermom and Cyberdad.

I don't care if there *is* a possibility of snow flurries this weekend. With all the flight schedules and plans to have the air saturated with friends and family, it's all summer to me.