Happy Eight Month Birthday, Sir Zain! Like the Bionic Man, you are better (at eating), stronger (at standing), faster (at scooting) than before! We haven't quite secured all of our valuables and breakables from your clutches, but since you are our most valuable and breakable possession, we will just continue to concentrate on you. You still have odd mouse-colored hair but your resemblance to yer pappy remains, chubby cheeks, cleft chin, and all.

I'm pleased to report that from all accounts, you are having a groovy time with your nanny and Moxi Baji. We were pretty lucky with the warm weather this winter and you got many a chance to go to the park and scope our potential friends/enemies. Alas, the bitter cold is upon us now and I hope you don't get too stir-crazy with cabin-fever in the next few months.

We are so relieved that you are starting to accept different flavors and foods without making a face as though we were force-feeding you the most atrocious garbage we scraped off of the bottom of our shoes. Your favorite dinner appears to be daal chaval which pleases me greatly. Among the more exciting achievements this month is your dexterity. The lightening fast way you whip your chubby little hand out to secure a Cheerio and pop it into your mouth is awe-inspiring. I believe the swiftness of your movements may rival your leg kicks when your feet are shod in shoes; the rapidity of which made your Nanaji exclaim, "such tremendous speed!" Bon apetite, my little beast!


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