Happy Birthday, LB!

Happy Birthday, Lil Baji!

I know we have had our ups and downs, faced off with our respective weapons of choice (tattle telling/giant wax crayon candles), and listed each other as enemy combatants before we became best friends. But I'm so glad that we have been and have remained close for so many years now and that we get to see each other on such a regular basis. I can't imagine what my life would be like without you so involved in it. Thank you for being my sounding board, my advice-giver, my fellow bellowing karoke singer, my inside-joke-getter, my go-to-babysitter, my baby sister. I love you so much.


Lil B said...

awwww thanks baji, you made me tear up! love you!! xoxo

ayan said...

that picture is so utterly frightening

Saeed said...

seriously - that picture..?details plz..?

baji said...

lb - HA ha, softie. ;)

ay & sy - what, you guys never took some of the terrifying latex masks that your grandfather collected and posed for a picture in front of margalla hills before?

Anonymous said...

happybirfday to your sister!

so is there gonna be an isna meet up?

sal/vit x

baji said...

there *is* but, in typical desi fashion, there is no coordination on the matter. as soon as i get something pinned down, i'll post it here. :) maybe we will all meet up at hijabman's booth at a certain day/time.