Everything Old is New Again

This appears to be the Summer of Before in the entertainment industry. There are only so many sequels you can churn out and although prequels are certainly not a new phenomenon, it seems like there are more than the usual amount this season:

  • The latest incarnation of Battlestar Gallatica (which itself is a sequel of sorts to the original 1970s version) ended recently (*weeps*) and Caprica has just come out to show us what life was like "before the fall." Young Adama is likeable enough, but the young Cylon needs some work.
  • Although we've seen what Picard was like when he was a headstrong youth, we haven't seen a young Kirk or wee Spock before . . . until J.J. Abrams got his hands on the Star Trek franchise and offered his take. Young Scotty is, of course, my favorite.
  • Speaking of J.J., his show Lost is also taking a trip down memory lane. Well, a trip down, up, across, double-backed, and splintered off. Wee Ben, wee Miles, and wee Charlotte running amok on the Island while their older selves are plotting, surviving, and/or dead.
  • After the Last Stand, the X-Men folks decided to reminisce and review the origins of its mutants beginning with one of our favorites, Wolverine.
  • Wedged between The Sarah Conner Chronicals and The Terminator, we pick up the story line of the rise of the 'bots in Terminator Salvation.
  • Ever wonder about the background, history, and origin of G.I. Joe's nemesis, the Cobra Organization? Wait until August and find out in the Rise of the Cobra.
I always enjoyed The Young Sherlock Holmes and was tickled by the antics of a young Indy. We have already been introducted to baby Darth Vader and teenage Hannibal Lecter. I wonder what's next on the plate. I'd love to see Ripper or the pre-Firefly war or anything Joss is willing to dish out to me. Who would you like to see suffering through teenage angst, hormones, and heartbreak?


Jacob Patrick said...

There's a theory that these things occur in ~20 year cycles. Supposedly what you experience as a child rears its head as nostalgia in adult life, and consequently becomes part of the culture again. I buy it.

baji said...

makes sense. i'm already looking forward to feeling nostalgic when zp starts school. :)