Overheard in DC

I love the "Overheard in D.C." segment on DCist. Cracks. Me. Up. Just the other day I heard "I can't be telling you "I love you" 27 hours a day!" Do we have a glut of these folks simply by virtue of being a slack-jawed yokel tourist hot spot or is this city a dummy-magnet? Any gems you've come across lately?


os said...

i laughed aloud [by myself!] while reading these.

working in a hospital, is sort of cheating - humor is everywhere!

on "no medical problems:"
a woman says nothing. no medical problems. no medications. no operations. so while listening to her heart i ask, "what's that?"
"oh, that's the scar from my open heart surgery. but i'm better now."

and of course there's always gastric reflux being called "asterisk reflex," irritable bowel [syndrome] as "girtle bowel," and my favorite: pneumonia being called "ammonia!"

baji said...

hahah! those are awesome. you should keep compiling the list and then publish it when you finally have some downtime! lucky for you kentucky probably has a glut of these jewels!