Amused or Offended?

From the files of LB:

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From: Augusta
Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2009 9:33 AM
To: Brian
Subject: FW: website details
Please look over the show information provided by "LB" at PBS, it is below her contact info. Let me know when you get a chance and I will confirm it with her.
A :)

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From: Brian
Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2009 10:51 AM
To: Augusta
Subject: RE: website details
Augusta -
Careful, if I'm not mistaken - I think "LB" is actually of the "male" gender. One of those Muslim names, ya know? I don't know for sure, but he/she has already probably encountered some confusion - part of the territory WHEN YOU LIVE in the U.S. right?

From: Augusta
Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2009 9:50 AM
To: Brian
Subject: RE: website details
I talked to her on the phone, it's a lady. She speaks clear as a bell English! :) SCORE!!
A :)


Gojira said...

offended (and, okay, also amused -- please tell me augusta was being sarcastic). how did LB get the email?

baji said...

the over use of smiley faces leads me to believe that sarcasm is not something she is familiar with. would you believe that it was a work-related email that augusta forwarded to her (LB didn't include the most recent, benign queries) without reviewing the history first?

Owl said...

How'd you get ahold of this?

(and amused. hardly ever offended.)

baji said...

owl - see above. :)

Jacob Patrick said...

That's pretty ridiculous.

One time I was editing a school literary journal, and this older (~50 years old) black guy named Willie submitted a story to me about a really racist redneck truck driver named Jake. Mind you, this guy wasn't absent-minded. He was pretty sharp in classes. Two days later, without any prompt, he emails me and apologizes profusely.

You just gotta scratch your head and laugh, I think.

baji said...

hahah, he must have been mortified. maybe since you were the editor, he was just used to calling you 'mr. patrick' and the first name connection didn't occur to him. ;)

Anonymous said...

a little bit of both, and a bag of chips?

Lil B said...

latest from Augusta re: another matter:

"Ok, great, thanks LB! U ROCK!!"

I think she's dumb but sweet.