Happy talk, keep talkin' happy talk

It's a gloomy, rainy, somber day today. So, let's lighten the mood with some happy talk, yes yes?

For my Muslim friends, early Ramdan Mubarak!
For my Jewish friends, early Hag Sameach!
For my Xtian friends, early Merry Xmas!

We just returned from a trip to North Carolina and between the petting zoo and the noticeable absence of mosquitoes, I can chalk this trip up to a success. Here's a pix of brave ZP approaching a big doggies with sawed-off horns.

I've signed up to participate in the "Pay it Forward" campaign that I learned about via wayfarer. Here's the deal: I'll send a gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange! I don't know what that gift will be yet, and you may not receive it tomorrow or even next week, but you will receive it within 365 days. The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.

My friends and I are having a Cookie Party tomorrow. On deck: peanut butter snickers cookies. Let's get ready to crrrrrumble!

Recently borrowed and finished reading The Areas of My Expertise by John Hodgman and then ordered a copy for myself. Yeah. It was that good.

So, that's my good news. Also, this. Heh. Your turn!


Ayesha said...


I Like this, I like this PIF thingy. I am in, oh I am in :)

*you haven't had any fine details that blog should be an alive one, so I am still in the game ;) *

Ayesha said...

oh Masha Allah baji, I got too excited by this PIF that i didn't even read the last four lines. Congratulations. May be a year earlier I wouldn't be able to understand the magnitude of happiness by this news.

May Allah bless your family (which includes wee two) with joys and His grace.(Ameen)

yasmine said...

you know what i'm giggly about.
i know you know.
mabrouk, mabrouk again!
or, as the urdu-speakers say, Mubarak ho aap ko.
or, as the hindku-speakers say, Umbarak hoviyaa!

Also, this was one of my favorite lines from your post: For my Xtian friends, early Merry Xmas!


Anjum (barsaat) said...

lol you are sooo sneaky, throwing that news in there like that. =P good thing i know you enough to know to click on it!! hehehe. *hug* mabrook!

julestress said...

Congrats breeders!

thanks for the holiday wishes. L'Shanah Tovah is a bit more appropriate for the occassion, but i'll take what i can get.

have a good Ramadan - have some 4am pancakes for me. I'll think of you next Saturday when i'm fasting.

baj said...

ay - ameen to your du'as! and thx for the congrat! as to the other matter *ahem, dons lawyer cap* we regret to inform you that you are ineligible to participate in the program because, as the rules explicitly state, "The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog." This language indicates that in order to volunteer for the program, the participant must, by necessity, have a 'live' blog on which to continue the PIF program. In other words, it doesn't work if it ends with you! Nonetheless, management will reconsider your application upon receipt of confirmation that you have revived your blog and are willing to 'pay it forward.' Thank you for your interest in the program. *throws lawyer cap in the garbage*

yaz - hee hee! hoo hoo! ha ha! :D

anj - you know me too well! *hugs back*

jl - thx, yo! i'll certainly think of you at early morning pancake time, but luckily, this year doesn't involve 4am but closer to 6am. also, l'shanah tovah! (a jewish friend of mine used the other greeting so i thought that was the way to go). :)

Baraka said...

Salaam dear & Ramadan mubarik!

Just wanted to let you know I'm back at it here: http://rickshawdiaries.wordpress.com/

Hope you're well! :)


Abez said...

Mabrook! MashaAllah on the new impending addition to the TTZP Clan, InshaAllah :) There is a blog-entry in your honor coming soon, my DC Heroes! Also, may I entice you with a gratitude-flavored new blog layout? :D


Ayesha said...

Baji, now thats some motivation for me to revive my blog. All of Yasmine 's harassment and Anjum's questions did not do anything..but PIF may be the radical agent to revolutionize my blogging life.

umm..BTW, Does my flickr activities count?

(another effort)

stay tuned and ponder on what are you gonna send me :)


Girl with a plan.

2Scoops said...

Now that there's 2 of em I'm eating Zeeps for suhoor. Or at least his cheeks. Mubrook! And Ramadan Kareem to you and yours!

PS - What's all this giggling about?

musicalchef said...

Ramadan mubarak, Mabruk on the other news, and where are those cookies?!

motullus said...

bohat bohat mubarak ho aap ko baji

HijabMan said...

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day Matey!


much love

baj said...

brk - welcome back! and ramadan kareem to ye too!

abz - thx for the offer! aye, i'll accept but only to be implemented at the beginning of the year, as per tradition. :)

aysh - i admire your persistence and at the rate this is going, you may win by default b/c none of these other deadbeats are accepting!

2s - and to ye! and what giggling? you mean your own? oh, that's just you.

mc - and to ye! and those cookies are long gone and coursing through our systems now. nothing like a block of candy wrapped in a cookie.

ush - shukhria boht boht! :)

hj - ahoy, me hearty! and mubarak on being the first to comment on today's auspiciousness! arrr!

The Usual Suspect said...

Bajkins... congrats a whole bunch Masha'Allah... awesome news! :)

Ramadan Mubarak as well!!

Oh and are we still filming 8 hours in October then?

wayfarer said...

no way! mubarak mubarak mubarak! so happy for you guys!

baj said...

tus - thx! also, aye, we'll be there bright and early. pick us up at heathrow and bring the wardrobe and makeup people with you.

wy - thx! thank goodness i kept some of my maternity clothes and that my friends didn't mind returning the ones i lent them!