Birthday Suit

No, not THAT kind of birthday suit. Git yer gutter-mind up hyah on the sidewalk with the rest of us. Yesterday was my birthday and how did I spend it? In a suit. THIS kind of suit.

Despite the fact that ZP had a three-shot-doctor's appointment, that Gojira was in town to play, that it's the end of the fiscal year and everyone is scrambling to wrap things up, and that I should have spend the day being feted by co-workers, friends, and family, I had to go to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to attend a high-tech, three-judge-panel, completely unnecessary video hearing. I celebrated my day of birth by reviewing notes and going over my brief. I rang in a new age by squeezing into a freshly ironed suit and suddenly too-small shoes (yes, folks, pregnancy does have some permanent body-altering surprises that go beyond your belly and reach your feet).

So that you don't pity me too much, I will admit that the day had some positive attributes. Having already placed my order for a morning frappucino, I stood in line waiting to pay and when the cashier finally showed up and asked if I had already paid, I responded with "no not yet, but today's my birthday so you can give it to me for free if you want." To which the cashier responded, "okay." Score! I also got a birthday lunch and a few prezzies at work. But the highlight of the day was when Gojira and I got home, I played Brain Age until the crew showed up and we feasted on Thai food and chocolate cake and ZP even ate some stir fried rice and did not show any ill effects from his doctor's visit earlier in the day. The plus of having a birthday during the week is that you get to lay claim to the entire week. So let the birthday wishes begin!

Also, check it! Hijabman's product (and his chin, it appears) made it onto the Colbert Report! Check out the "Muslim Hipsters" link after the short Missy commercial.


Anonymous said...

That second link doesn't go where you think it goes. :)

baj said...

hey, anonymous! haven't seen you in ages! and um, yeah, the second link does go where i think it goes. where do YOU think it goes?

Anonymous said...

I've been in the witness protection program. And I keep seeing Uncle Sam on the link.

Anjum (barsaat) said...

happy birthday baji!! glad it ended well, at least =)

mucho love to you & ZP & the family and extended family.. :)

baj said...

anj - thx for the bday wishes! xoxo

DeOwl said...

Haha, I come in here to comment on the post, and now I wanna comment no your comments. Witness protection? Links and Uncle Sam? Huzzah! Such drama! I'm yellous!

baj said...

deowl - what i wanna know is why does nobody (except anju) love me enough to wish me a happy birthday? *weeps furiously*

Baraka said...

Happy belated birthday suit! ;)


Abez said...

Happy berfday to you! Happy berfday to you! Happy berfday happy berfday! Happy berfday to you!


So, figured out what you want on your new layout yet? :)

Ayesha said...

aw baji! so sorry,
happy belated birthday - Don't worry i'll try to remember next year -

free coffee on birthdays? dude, I shoulda have tried that 2 days ago!

baj said...

thanks for the bday wishes, dudettes!

abz - nay, but i still have a few months before the beginning of the year, yes? :)

ay - happy belated bday to you!

DeOwl said...

Sorry baj. GOt distracted by the madness. Happy Hap Hap Hap Birthday to youuuuu!