LB won a free iPod Shuffle whilst shopping at Safeway the other day. First, she couldn't believe that there wasn't a catch to it and almost offered it to the cashier. When she discovered that Safeway was having a promotion and all they wanted was her Safeway card (which she had), she accepted the freebie. Then, because she has a fancy pants iPod Nano already and KG has a hard-core iPod, she took pity on my dated, rubber-rimmed Rio-toting self and gave it to me. I actually quite liked my Rio but I haven't uploaded any new songs in ages and am not quite sure where the charger is and I love free stuff (who doesn't?). So today, I joined the ranks of the ubiquitous iPod-people and slipped the razor thin mp3 player into my back pocket and listened to my favorite tunes while blocking out all sounds of my fellow Metro-riders various wheezings, conversations, and coughing. Hmmm, I could get used to this. Anyway, YAY FOR LITTLE SISTERS! HOORAY! When Diapoman gets old enough, it's his.

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