Brrr, it's freezing! As much as I adore the beautiful foliage that comes with the fall package, I detest the cold weather that soon follows. Right now, it's still sweater season so I'm happy. But right around the corner is the ice and snow and wind that freezes your blood and cuts your lungs and phooey on all that! It gets dark so early - which during Ramadan is a bonus but during the commute home is not. Already I'm the last to sleep and the first to rise and getting up when it' still pitch black outside has always been the roughest part of Ramadan for me. The streets are going to get pot-holey, the park outings with ZP will be curtailed, and the sniffles will begin. Boo creepy foot doctor. So now I'm off to unpack my warm and woolies, to bring out the heavy comforters (where is my tiger blanket?), and to wrestle ZP into long sleeve shirts and long sleeve pants. Hope ye are staying warm and well.

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