Whew! We have finally moved out of our ghetto fabulous (sans fabulous) house in CoHi and into our skinny (and when I say 'skinny,' I mean like 13 feet wide) abode in AdMo. The move went pretty well - the movers were quiet, quick, polite, and inexpensive. Plus, we got to hear TP speaking Spanish all day which is always fun. We now have an intricate maze of boxes and furniture to navigate through in order to get from one end of the house to the other. I wish there was some cheese at the end of the maze to reward the effort, but our fridge currently houses leftover ginger chicken, a bottle of water, and some labne. Gotta go grocery shopping, STAT!

Meanwhile, enjoy this advice from my cousin's husband's sister in response to my piratey email notifying me hearties of the move to a new port:

A few things to do with your sword, which spring immediately to mind:

1. Clean baby poop from under your fingernails

2. Chop veggies for the Lord and Master's dining pleasure (I mean the baby; TP's completely out of the picture as of now - poor soul - except as inspiration for sword use no. 4 below).

3. Hold poop-soiled diaper at the end of; prior to chucking in the bin; with a view to maximizing distance between nose (yours) and said diaper.

4. After a night of alternately breast feeding and changing diapers every 30 minutes, playfully brandish at TP (but with a thoughtful look in the eye) when he lovingly asks in the morning, "did you sleep well, hon?"

5. Give yourself quick haircuts with, since you won't have time for that kind of frivolous, carefree thing anymore - oh goddness me - no.

6. And hold on to it (the sword) because when your little baby boy turns 13, and wants to pierce his ear - and gosh, I hope you raise him right so that he will want to - think how handy it'll be then - no, silly, not to teach him a lesson and chop off his ear with, but to be totally supportive and pierce it for him.

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