Highlights of this weekend
  • Met up with my friends from Tunis/Paris at the see-and-be-seen Cafe Milano for some good food at some outrageous prices.
  • Revisited this Korean restaurant run by this crazy Korean woman ("You eat! Is good for you!") somewhere between DC and North Carolina where, upon seeing me and confirming my pregnancy by raising her eyebrows and patting her stomach and nodding, confidently predicted that we'll be having a boy.
  • Wished Dad a happy birthday with both of us singing a hideously off-key version of "Happy Birthday" - you know, that homemade Pakistani kind?
  • Spent Christmas morning sunning myself on the deck of TP's parent's house and basking in the 60 degree weather.
  • Made out like a bandit on baby-related paraphenalia.
  • Bade adieu to my parents as they made their way to Pakistan.

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