Just got back from watching Million Dollar Baby which I very much enjoyed. A multi-layered story revolving around a grizzled old trainer teaching a determined woman how to box had adrenaline-raising fight scenes and deep, touching quiet scenes. If you like your dialogue delivered in gravelly voices, your humor subtle, and your denouement wrenching, then this is the flick for you. Some of the characters were a little over-the-top (stereotypical trailer trash bits come to mind) and some of the scenes were pretty graphic (ouch, getting bull-dozed in the face and then getting your nose re-set doesn't look like fun at all), but for the most part, the movie was well-developed, the actors were skilled, and the plot moved along smoothly and steadily. Good job, Clint and Hillary! Oh, and Morgan, you can narrate or voice-over the movie of my life anytime.

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