STUPID MICE! First, one disturbs me while I try to brush my teeth. Last night, I spotted it under the grate and then TP trapped it. Under his shoe. When he lifted his "mouse-stomper" (as his shoes will henceforth be known as) to grab the mouse with a garden glove to release it outside, the mouse was stunned and unmoving (TP insists it was dead), and was easy to pick up and lay outside on the grass. Today, I was cooking and I heard some suspicious rattling in the pantry. I swiftly opened up the door and there was ANOTHER MOUSE playing around with the pasta! He smirked at me and disappeared. And then, adding insult to injury, I see that he has been nibbling at my chocolate that I JUST GOT! Rassin' frassin' low-down, yeller-bellied, son-of-a-motherless-goat, AARRGHH!!!!

Poll: which is worse - mice or cockroaches? TP and LB are of the (ludicrous) opinion that roaches are worse b/c they are filthy and ugly whereas mice are kinda cute. I feel that mice are worse b/c they are harder to kill, can bite you, and leave little black rolls of presents here and there. How do you vote?

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