Last night was the first Friday night that TP and I had no city to fly to, no boxes to move (actually, the boxes still need moving but they are not in the urgent pile), and no home improvement projects that demanded our immediate attention. So, how did we go wild and tear up the city? We hit our local bookstore, Politics & Prose. Although we carressed about 30% of the books on the shelves, we left with only two books in our hands: Persepolis : The Story of a Childhood and McSweeney's Quarterly Concern Issue 13. Nevermind that I still have a chunky third of the final volume of the Dark Tower series to complete. Nor that I have my own tower of books to consume before they topple and crush some unsuspecting bystander's toes. I can't help it. I heart books. I really really heart books. Anne Fadiman's collection of essays in Ex Libris : Confessions of a Common Reader gives an accurate account of what it's like to be a bibliophile. So, tell me, my little bookworms, what are you reading these days?

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