A moment of silence as we mourn the lost hour today. Wearily sigh over the stolen magical time in the morning when you get to look at the clock, turn over, and keep sleeping. Diligently check the batteries in the smoke detectors. Carefully adjust all the clocks on the VCR, microwave, stereo, and various other gadgets (it seems as though almost every machine in the house displays the time) and try not to overshoot the digitally displayed minutes or else you'll have to run through the whole cycle again. Yep, it's Daylight Saving Time again. Except for you kooky Hoosiers out there, that is. I must admit, I do appreciate the longer days and sunnier evenings that will follow. If, however, you are really, vehemently, passionately against DST and feel that abolishing it will "save lives," then feel free to sign up and protest here.

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