Hey, kids. I'm over my jetlag now and ready to blog about the regular, mundane, boring . . . zzzzzzz . . . sorry, I just made myself fall asleep. What have I been up to in the real-time world?

*read "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury and marveled/shuddered at how the futuristic book, written in 1953, tells a tale that is not all that far off from present-day reality.

*saw Sleater-Kinney perform and completely rock the house.

You're no rock n' roll fun
like a party that's over
before it's begun
You're no walk in the park
more like a shot in the dark
with clues left for no one. . .

*watched three of the four episodes of Iron Chef America. Sakai is just adorable. And the way that man peels an apple is a work of art!

*made several rounds to the buffet table at Udupi Palace and helped myself to several plates loaded up with idly, dahi vada, masala dosai, gobi masala, and palak paneer.

*attended the March for Women's Lives with about a million other people (seriously, estimates are at about One Meeeellion Peeeople -- said in Dr. Evil's voice) downtown.

*performed a few culinary experiments by slathering feta cheese on cinamon bread; shredding Manchego cheese over popcorn; dipping baby carrots into hummus and tabouleh. Man, I need to go grocery shopping. I just realized that all of meals I prepared this weekend centered around condiments and side dishes. No wonder I ate so much at Udupi!

*downed some Clarinex to relieve my allergies and ended up sleeping most of the weekend away. Which, unfortunately, meant I missed out on seeing the Muslim comedian Azhar Usman perform. Rats! Here's a clip if you are interested in sampling his humor. Enjoy.

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