Vacation, all I ever wanted; Vacation, had to get away

Trust me. I'll be calling in every other hour to check up on the wee ones and Nani and Babu to make sure everyone is eating, sleeping, behaving, and not destroying downtown D.C. while we Escape To New York this weekend. I will miss them, no doubt. But, at the same time, I can't wait. It will be the first time in three years that it will be just me and TP. The first time in three years we get to sleep in ... at the same time. The first time in three years that we will spend the whole weekend eating out and exploring and meeting friends without feeling rushed or anxious or exhausted. We got a great deal on Amtrak (thanks, LB!) which is nicer than the bus but cheaper and faster than the plane. I look forward to traveling with as many knives, ounces of liquid, and non-baby-related gear as i want! We also got a great deal on a hotel (thanks, KG!) and I hope they don't mind if we end up watching Phineas and Ferb on the fancy flat screen HDTV out of habit.

For anyone interested in meeting up with us (or just stalking us), here's where we'll be:

So long, suckers!


Lil B said...

*cry* "i want to go to THAT city!!!"

have fun you guys deserve it!

baji said...

but you like THIS city! ;)

re: mercedes v. austin healy

"i don't like this car."
"what? you said you did!"
"no. i love that red car."

wayfarer said...

you are going to be so close to us! we're a half hour to 45 minutes outside the city. Hmmmmmmmmm.

baji said...

i know that with two kids it's hard to even cross the street, let alone state lines, but if you guys are free you should come and meet up with us! we'll be ... see above. :D

yasmine said...

i miss you so much already, bajibaj!
why you wanna leeeeeave me!? (interro-don'tgo!)

no, but seriously, travel safely and have a ROCKING good time, buddy boys.

cupcakes and gelato and parks and comics and cartoons and SLEEPING IN!
oh! and BRUNCHES! haha

i highly hiiiighly approve of this entire itin'rary.

i can't wait to hear status reports.


baji said...

yz, we went to a cupcake shop called sunshine and i TOTALLY thought of you. travelogue coming soon.


yasmine said...

SUNSHINE CUPCAKES! be still, my heart!