A little spending money, money to burn, money that you did not necessarily earn

Day Two: Isloo
We were compelled to sleep in this morning because SOME little toddler seemed to think that it was the middle of the afternoon instead of midnight and wanted company. Thankfully, we had brought our portable DVD player and some Wiggles DVDs so between that and the miniature plastic golf set my cousin Dania thoughtfully brought out, ZP was occupied. Between the energetic baby, the overeager roosters, and the high-strung neighboring dogs and/or jackals, little sleep was had that night. Luckily, a late breakfast awaited us and we still had time to eat, wash up, and meet my cousin Umber for a shopping trip to the exotically named "Supermarket." My cousin Bilal had very generously given his sisters, LB, and me his first salary's paycheck (I always thought the tradition for when someone gets a new job was that he/she had to treat the family to ice cream, but cold hard cash is good too!) so we had plenty of money to burn.

Our shopping excursion began with the small stuff: postcards, khussas, and bootleg DVDs that upon a later viewing we discovered had crystal clear pictures but no sound. I guess you get what you pay for (in this case: $2.00). After TP bought some paintings (we'll see if those ever make it up on our walls) and KG bought some curly-toed khussas (we'll see if those ever make it onto his feet), we all adjourned to Umber's husband's office conveniently located right above the stores to let our feet rest, admire the view of Margalla Hills, and quench our thirst with ultra-fizzy, glass-bottled soft drinks. Another stop at our favorite store Khaadi and then back home for lunch and naps.

The evening was spent celebrating my cousin Saba’s birthday. Aunty Tukki laid out a buffet of Chinese food. Normally, I don't like Chinese food, but (a) this is only true in the U.S. because time and time again I've found that Chinese food elsewhere is invariably better and (b) nothing beats home-cooking!

Lesson of the day: make the DVD shop test out your DVD before you shell out your hard-earned money for an illegal copy of an artist's work that in your home country you are honor-bound and paid to protect.

*We interrupt your regularly scheduled travelogue to present the following poll with no commercial interruptions*

BLOG POLL 2007: Sonogram Day.
Is Baji going to have a bonnie wee lassie or another scalliwag boy? Vote and find out!


wayfarer said...

i guess another scalliwag boy. :-)

Ayesha said...

hey baji! Loving your travelogue and your shopping spree at supermarket. Ahh.. Now I can dream something from pakistan as my RIP gift .. lol
(Okay Okay..I still have a dead blog, but everyone dreams)

Aw. I hope you are having a cutey cute Lassie, so she can go orange shoe shopping with you - Hope you and wee one(two?!!?)are healthy :)

oshariff said...

another strapping young lad, then you can have a girl. i have spoken, let it be done. definitely enjoying the travelogue.

upyernoz said...

i think it's awesome that you are buying bootleg DVDs. quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

musicalchef said...

I hope a girl! Yep, I got a kid's video on South America that was supposed to be an Iranian film. Since I'm an Iranian film junkie when I can get my hands on them.

Anonymous said...

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Baraka said...

A wee bonny lass would be cute :)

You're in my hometown Isloo - have a wonderful time. I hope the emergency isn't mucking up your plans too much?

- Baraka

baj said...

thx for your comments, gang! all's well with us and the family back in isloo, despite the havoc being wreaked there these days.

and to all you bonnie lassie voters, ding ding ding! then again, my cousin and several friends have been told the same only to find out they had scallywag boys when the baby actually emerged. so who knows!

yasmine said...

i automatically want to say, A BOY! A BOY! but it would be SO rocking if you had a mini rockstar pirate girl. so i'm voting for the girl!

DeOwl said...

"Ahoy, a boy!" has a nice piratey ring, but I'd like to see the bonnie wee lass version of ZP.

And while you're in Pk, could you do me a favor and eat some chaat and gol guppay for me. I am deprived of suchness in BosTONG, land of chowdah and chowdahheads.