Welcome to nine months old, ZP! As feared, this month was fraught with marrow-freezing temperatures, stinging ice and snow storms, and brittle weather that makes us all weep crystallized tears. Thank goodness for fleece.

Your razor-sharp bottom teeth have come in quite nicely and your two big slabs of teeth at the top have half-emerged. All the better for treating random bits of my body as boti and gnawing at me when I'm not looking. Your motor skills are fantastic and you can cram not only Cheerios but thin grains of basmati rice with your little fingers and into your mouth. You despise lying down unless a paci is near at hand. You much prefer sitting, crawling, and standing/dancing. You are equally enamoured by Baby Einstein and This Old House. Many apologies for my failed attempt at being your barber but if you give me another chance and hold still for a nanosecond, I think I can do better.

You have taken quite nicely to your nanny and playmate despite the harried and hurried routine we have to put you through to get you there. Wake up at 4 am to be carried to the big bed. Re-wake up at 6 am for some milk. Say adieu to me as I hit the metro and the morning rush to get to work by 7:30 while you and TP return home for breakfast and the first nap of the day. Get dropped off at your work by 8:30, play, eat, sleep, play, eat, sleep, and greet me at 5 pm when I race from work to pick you up. Last nap of the day around 5:30 and then when TP comes home around 6 pm, play, eat, bath, book, bottle, and sleep by 9 pm.

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