Top Five Things I Love About TP - Weekend Edition

  1. Willingly volunteering to babysit ZP while I got to see Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan with LB, KG, and Noozles even though he was already watching him all week long and the weekend is his only break.
  2. Unselfconciously kneeling down and giving loud smacking kisses to ZP while waiting in line at Safeway just to make him smile.
  3. Preparing coffee for me this morning just the way I like it.
  4. Letting me take two, TWO, naps today.
  5. Making me a manchego cheese and avacado sandwich for lunch.

Top Five Things I Love About ZP - Weekend Edition

  1. Giving me a huge belly laugh when I sang the diapo-changing song to him over and over again, even way past diapo-changing time.
  2. Eating half a banana with most of it going into his mouth instead of on his hands/hair/bib/me.
  3. Sleeping from 10pm to 4am last night.
  4. Learning how to roll over from your back to your tummy and returning to your back without screaming in indignation or expressing your fury at the highest possible decibles.
  5. Just being so unbelievably adorable.

Top Five Things I Love About LB and KG - Weekend Edition

  1. Inviting me for a night out with their pals and feeding me chocolate orange pound cake.
  2. Despite her congestion and aches and pains, LB darting off like an Olympic athelete when she heard ZP wake up and call out from upstairs.
  3. KG attending an estate sale and thinking of and picking out a gift for ZP.
  4. LB's arguing with me about the tiniest things and escalating it until our friend got uncomfortable - just like old times.
  5. Sharing my love of all things Joss.

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