Six Degrees of Blogeration Updated and Revisited
Rule -- degrees are established by one live person actually meeting, laying eyes upon, hugging, or clobbering another live person. * indicates blurker or blogguest status

First Degree

Baji -- Lil Baji*, Cybermom*, TP*, Chai, H-Biddy, Musicalchef, Ismo, Broheme, Ushi, Slowmar, Gunnar and Mothman*. (me relatives)
Baji -- Abez, DeGrouchyOwl [collectively, "the Zistahs"], Chan, Najm, Upyernoz, Gojira, Keltie, Noozles, Lamisse* (a.k.a. LaMushy), and Taha* (a.k.a 2 Scoops)
and the new additions: Hijabman (a year ago) and Chat&Chai (today!). (me crew)

Second Degree
Baji -- Chai or the Zistahs -- Karrvakarela, Waleed , da Momma, Poppie , MnM, Lil Gray Crayon, Knicq
Baji -- (LB* or Lamisse*) -- Yasmine, Somayya, and Chocoholic
Baji -- The O Bros -- Akrites

Third Degree
Baji -- the Zistahs -- Poppie -- Usual Suspect and Anju

Fourth Degree
Baji -- Najm -- [Safia or Ayan, but nobody's met Ayan, or come on there's gotta be someone!] -- Shaheen

Did I miss anyone?

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