Still recovering from jetlag and spent the better part of the pre-dawn morning uploading, labeling, and arranging pix from my trip (holla at me if you want to see them). Too lethargic to think of anything witty or interesting to say, so in the same vein as the news about a Taboo game gone horribly wrong, enjoy this scene from an episode of "The Young Ones" until further notice.

[Guys playing Monopoly]
RICK: Ha ha, Mike! Landed on the Old Kent Road, that's mine, rent, come on, pay up, now.

MIKE: Yeah, all right, all right, I think the Mike Exchequer can handle a debt of four pounds.

RICK: Hey, wouldn't it be a-mazing if all of this money was real?

VYVYAN: That is the single most predictable and boring thing that anybody could ever say while playing Monopoly.

RICK: Well, what about "Vyvyan"? I could say "Vyvyan", couldn't I? That'd be pretty boring.

VYVYAN: "You have won second prize in a beauty contest..."

RICK: Ha ha ha!

VYVYAN: "...smash Rick over the head with the bank!"

[VYVYAN literally follows the instructions on his card.]
RICK: It did not say that! Michael, Vyvyan is cheating!


MIKE: No, he's right, Rick, that's exactly what it says.

RICK: In Biro, Mike, in Biro, over the top of the print!

VYVYAN: But we had to change the rules because Monopoly's so boring!

RICK: "Congratulations, it is your birthday! You may set fire to Rick's bed!"

VYVYAN: Good one!

RICK: "Get out of jail free: You may keep this card, sell it, or stick it up Rick's bottom"! Vyvyan, you've ruined the game!


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